Top 10 Adventure Activities In and Around Bergrivier Western Cape

Table of Contents

1. Hiking at Groot Winterhoek
2. Goedverwacht to Piket-Bo-Berg Hike
3. Retreat Guest Farm MTB Trail – Piketberg
4. Canoeing in Velddrif
5. Boat Trips in Velddrif
6. Paragliding in Porterville
7. Bird watching Velddrif
8. Bird watching in and around Piketberg
9. Off roading in Piketberg
10. Game safari in and around Piketberg

Bakke descending Adventure activities

“I do not want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.” – Diane Ackerman

At Bergrivier tourism we have put together a list of our very own top 10 adventure activities in Bergrivier. Bergrivier is about an hour and a half from Cape Town, making it a good addition to a Cape Town trip. There is a wide variety of activities to choose from, either a half day tour or a full day tour can be completed easily.

The following adventure activities are guaranteed to quench the thirst of avid adventure seekers and those with a milder taste for adventure. If you are looking for adventurous things to feed the soul and to satisfy your natural curiosity, then this list will fuel that adventurous fire in your heart. Bergrivier has an abundance of accommodation options to suit your adventures all year round.

The Bergrivier area provides for all kinds of adventure activities no matter your preference. For the more relaxed traveller or those who just want to switch off from the world, we have plenty of outdoor activities on offer. One can book a boat trip around Velddrif, with several providers each catering to a different kind of adventurer. Some of the activities you can do on a boat include bird watching fishing or just cruising around with friends. These boat tours depart from the Port Owen marina and the famous Bokkomlaan daily.

“And what about the more experienced adventure traveller?” We sure have something for them too! The Bergrivier is the ultimate playground for those who love stunning natural surrounds; be it watching the sunrise over the mountains or the sea spray splashing against the face. Natural elements like wind, sun, sand, and water abundant in the Bergrivier offer the needed challenge for serious adventurers. The seaside suburbs of Velddrif and Dwarskersbos avail water sports aplenty, be it kite surfing, sea kayaking or stand up paddleboarding.

Piketberg and Porterville are great for walkers and hikers. A worthy alternative to what the mother city offers on Table Mountain for Hikers are the Porterville Mountains.

The Groot Winterhoek nature reserve across the valley from Piket-Bo-berg is sure to excite seasoned hikers. A 1-day hike up to the huts, for a back-to-basics rustic evening over gas cooker meals and stories with friends, is a must-do. Here you experience the natural beauty of some of the Cape fold mountains up close.

A short hike from Goedverwacht into Piket-bo-berg offers views few can compete with. Do this Hike as part of an overnight experience and go stargazing on top of the Piket-Bo-berg.

Near Piketberg there is a private game reserve where visitors can overnight and spot the wildlife in luxury. If a cultural adventure is more your flair, Piketberg has a self-guided tour of its founding historic buildings that visitors can enjoy. Enjoy this fascinating walk and see some of the hidden gems of the town.

Dirt tracks for the casual overlander or off-road extremist can be found just outside Piketberg at Jakkalskloof. Rock crawling and winching over obstacles en route to your destination is a thrill not to be missed. Drivers are rewarded with the spectacular scenery throughout the journey.

Now armed with this information you can make the best choices when choosing adventure activities in the Bergrivier!  

Take a look at these 10 activities below that we have selected to give you a little inspiration for your next trip to the Bergrivier region.

1. Hiking at Groot Winterhoek

Groot winterhoek has several trails to be explored and mountain huts for overnight hikes, Disa Pools which is day hike and an unofficial kloofing route for those extra keen adventurers.

Sunrise over mountains Goedverwacht adventure

2. Goedverwacht to Piket-Bo-Berg Hike

A brand new trail taking travellers from the mission town of Goedverwacht up into the Piket-bo-berg mountains. You will experience breath-taking views and superior stargazing at night once you reach your accommodation. If you arrive early you can catch the sunrise over the mountain and be greeted by breath-taking views on the summit.

mountain bike downhill trail Piketberg Adventure

3. Retreat Guest Farm MTB Trail - Piketberg

Retreat Guest Farm offers cyclists one of a kind private mountain biking trails. Rugged landscapes are paired with rustic luxury accommodation for an adventure weekend never to be forgotten.

Canoes Velddrif Bergrivier adventure day

4. Canoeing in Velddrif

Velddrif offers water enthusiasts a wealth of opportunities that will excite. Travellers can find scenic paddling along the famous Bokkomlaan, at the Riviera Hotel and in Port Owen. All types of watercraft are welcome, so bring your kayak or stand up paddle board if canoes are not for you.

Couple on back of boat with champagne Velddrif Adventure

5. Boat Trips in Vleddrif

Whether it is wildlife or relaxing that you enjoy, there’s a boat trip for your adventure in Velddrif. Fishing and birding cruises are available which are sure to please those who are interested. Check out Velddrifs’ what to do page to find an experience that excites you.

Paragliding launch site Porterville Adventure

6. Paragliding in Porterville

Bergrivier is home to world-class paragliding, specifically cross country flying. This style of the sport forgoes the mountainside in exchange for powerful thermal updrafts created in the hot valley below. Paragliders can find launch sites on both the Porterville and Piketberg mountains. Check in with the Flyers lodge for specifics about conditions and tips for flying here.

Small birds Velddrif

7. Bird watching Velddrif

Velddrif is paradise for birdwatchers on the West Coast. Popular birding sites you can visit in and around Velddrif include: Rocher Pan, Bokkomlaan, Rooibaai and Laaiplek Harbour. It is not often one can see and find so much as easily as one can around Velddrif.

Rocher Pan is one of the highlights for birdwatchers. It boasts incredible biodiversity, which has made it famous as well as protected.

“Over 220 bird species have officially been observed in this area since 2007. The observation of species is dictated by the seasons, with summer always having the highest number of species. Winter months have their own interesting surprises with some migrant birds such as Common Whimbrel, Grey Plover and young Curlew Sandpipers not leaving for the northern hemisphere because of the mild winter conditions. “- Eddie du Plessis, Velddrif Birding Guide

small bird

8. Bird watching around Piketberg

Verlorenvlei near Redelinghuys is a nature conservation area with a wealth of natural activity. Bird watchers will revel at the opportunity to see such a variety of wildlife in their natural environment. It is also one of the few coastal lakes in South Africa adding to its unique position in the ecosystem, something environmentalists will surely appreciate.

“The vlei is an important feeding area for the rare white pelican (Peleanus onocrotalus). There are around 200 species of birds in the surrounding area. It is an important moulting area for Egyptian Geese and other waterfowl. Waterbirds seen at Verlorenvlei include herons, egrets, ibises, spoonbills, and flamingos.” (Burger,1984 –

9. Off roading in Piketberg

In the Town of Redelinghuys outside Piketberg, Jakkalskloof 4X4 offers some of the region’s more rewarding off road tracks. Adventurers can traverse these tracks with the help of a co-driver to reach their accommodation for the evening. A fun day out for all involved tackling the outdoors.

10. Game Safari in and around Piketberg

Outside Piketberg lies Goudkop Bush and Detox Camp and Soutkloof. Home to many large African buck, including Kudu and Gemsbok. this little slice safari in the Western Cape is a must-do!

Join us on October 14th for an epic day of mountain biking at the Piketberg MTB Challenge hosted by Org De Rac.